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Richard Orrell from the Met Office

Richard Orrell

Richard joined the Met Office in 1993 and trained as a weather forecaster first working at a variety of RAF stations then moved into the central forecasting office. After ten years forecasting he joined the civil aviation team at the Met Office and worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority in the provision of services to the international aviation community. He then spent a number of years as a service manager delivering Met Office services to the Environment Agency and SEPA and played a role in establishing the Flood Forecasting Centre, a joint working partnership between the Met Office and Environment Agency.

For the past three years he has been deputy head of the Met Office Public Weather Service, delivering a programme of work to enable the UK public and Civil Contingency Communities to have access to wide range of services to support critical decision making.

Public asked to report flooding and severe weather event impacts

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The Met Office and Environment Agency are always striving to improve forecasts and warnings and to empower people to make good decisions that protect lives, property and infrastructure. This is particularly important during flooding and other severe weather. It’s now …