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Samantha Ho

Samantha Ho

Samantha studied Geography with Ecology at degree level, whilst at Sussex University. She then enjoyed volunteering with the Natural History Museum and local wildlife groups before joining the Environment Agency in 2011. Her innate enthusiasm for learning about the natural world, our native landscape and the wildlife it supports is what drew Samantha to work for the EA. For the eight years of her career so far, she has worked across environmental monitoring and now Biodiversity matters.
One of Samantha's major interests is raising awareness of unfamilar invasive non-native species and the potential to realise catchment partnership working to tackle the spread and threat in the landscape.
In this floating pennywort management project Samantha is able to utilise her interests along with her role in providing advice for applying herbicides near to water, and the technical advice which shapes the development and delivery of the strategic management plan.

A united front against Floating Pennywort: a new way to tackle an invasive species in the Colne Valley

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Close up of the Floating Pennywort plant on someone's hand

If a quick internet search for Floating Pennywort tells you anything, it’s that this fast-growing non-native species is of increasing concern in the UK. Introduced in the 1980s as an ornamental aquatic plant, Floating Pennywort’s pretty appearance belies its aggressively …