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Tackling the metal pollution legacy of Britain’s mining history

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Photograph showing contaminated water flowing out of an old mine entrance built more than one hundred years ago.

Metal mines played a major part in Britain’s history, but these abandoned mines are the largest source of metals to our rivers and seas which can seriously harm aquatic life such as fish and river-flies. Hugh Potter, the Environment Agency’s Water and Abandoned Metal Mines lead, looks at the action being taken to address the legacy.

Everything you need to know about duckweed on the River Witham

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Periods of hot and dry weather can be busy times for the Environment Agency as we work to protect not just our water resources; but our precious environment and the wildlife that depends on it.

During these conditions we receive a lot of calls about duckweed in Lincolnshire, particularly on the River Witham. This blog explains what duckweed is, why it is a problem in dry weather and the challenges of managing it.

The scale reveals all: How do you age a fish?

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We all know that to age a tree, you count the rings, but have you ever wondered how to age a fish? Or perhaps how long different species can survive for, given the right conditions? Well it’s also a bit like ageing a tree, except you count specific rings on the fish’s scale.

How we carry out maintenance on the Somerset Levels and Moors

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The Somerset Levels and Moors have long been shaped both by human history and natural processes. This means the landscape needs careful management to reduce the risk of flooding to properties within it and ensure the species that have come to call it home continue to thrive.