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Regulated industry

Energy infrastructure: Consulting on Sizewell C environmental permits

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Graphic showing Sizewell C alongside Sizewell B and A from the air (Copyright EDF – Sizewell C)

Alan McGoff, who advises on new nuclear build policy and strategy at the Environment Agency, talks about the importance of engaging with the public on a national infrastructure project and the impact of the project on the local and national environment.

Property and Landowners – how to avoid waste criminals

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Environment Agency officer investigates a pile of illegally dumped waste

Criminals operating in the waste industry are impacting us all, causing damage to our environment, distress to affected communities and undercutting legitimate waste management businesses. As a land or property owner, you are at risk too. Waste criminals may offer …

Operation Goldjuno: joining forces to stop crime in the waste industry

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A pile of scrap metal

Kevin Knight, Senior Environmental Crime Officer, discusses an operation carried out by the Joint Unit for Waste Crime (JUWC) and the Environment Agency to tackle catalytic converter theft and wider illegal waste site operations. Last year Operation Goldiron involving the …

The furniture upcycler who fixed his mistake after illegally entering the waste trade

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Waste being stored illegally

Ed Troughton, Waste Crime Engagement Specialist at the Environment Agency, provides his insights into tackling the handling of illegal waste without a permit.  My three-year-old son spends most of his time making a mess. Sometimes he’ll spill food or his …

Flying high! Using drones to collect evidence of illegal waste sites

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Thermal image of two drone pilots

Kim Mynard, Regulatory Officer at the Environment Agency, discusses harnessing the power of drone technology to help take action against those causing harm to our environment.  When I joined the Environment Agency about two and a half years ago, little …