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Cleaner Seas

What’s the foam you sometimes see along Britain’s coastlines?

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Coastal foam is often seen in warmer periods

Have you ever been at the coast and noticed a frothy foam at the water’s edge? From April to August, it’s fairly common to see these discoloured, sometimes creamy-looking and bad smelling foamy patches in the sea. You might think …

Bathing water classifications and short-term pollution

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4. Environment Agency staff member in the sea taking a sample of the water.

Our blog on 1 February explained how we approach monitoring, sampling and testing of bathing waters and our approach to keeping public informed and warned when there are short term risks of pollution which bathers would rightly want to be …

Building a greener future

As I begin my tenure as Chair of the Environment Agency it is now, more than ever, that we need a bold new vision for the environment. Over the last 40 years EU legislation has helped shape and promote improvements …

New water quality standards are in place at bathing beaches – so what’s changed?

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There are over 400 bathing waters in England, and from 2016 water quality will be classified as either Excellent, Good, Sufficient or Poor, based upon regular samples and testing by the Environment Agency to check how clean the water is. …