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Environment Agency

The ground-breaking Environment Agency project helping to restore nature and reduce flood risk in Teesside

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Situated in one of the North East’s industrial centres, the River Tees Estuary has been heavily adapted by human hands over the last 200 years. While vital for jobs and the economy, this has led to the loss of 90% of the intertidal habitat that once existed.

Radioactivity in food and the environment

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Oldbury nuclear site (EA-owned photo)

We’ve just published our annual report about radioactivity in food and the environment. Our radiation specialist Becca Williams shares the headlines from our monitoring and assessment work and talks about how artificial radioactivity gets into the environment. Headlines Radioactivity in …

My Experience Interning with the Environment Agency

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Mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change is something I’m very passionate about. From experiencing heatwaves first-hand here in the UK, to hearing about drinking-water wells drying up due to drought in my parents’ villages in Sri Lanka, witnessing the negative impacts of climate change across the world is what initially pushed me to pursue a career in this field. 

How the Environment Agency uses data to protect our water resources in a changing climate

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After spending almost 20 years collecting data in the West Midlands to respond to climate change challenges, like flooding and drought, I still love the job I do as much as when I first got called to interview for the Environment Agency.